Top-Down Analytics (TDA) is a management consulting firm focused on providing strategic services for scientific technology companies. We specialize in scientific analytical technologies used for laboratory and process applications.

Our dedication to the field allows us to offer clients a level of detail and insight that comes from constantly monitoring industry developments and from our ongoing consulting and publishing activities. Our staff of analysts and consultants follows the markets for a host of laboratory products, chemicals/reagents, consumables, and instrumental and automation techniques.

Our mission is to…

  • be top of mind as the firm of choice for benchmark data (i.e. primary and secondary research) for the lab and process analytical instruments industry
  • support our clients with a quality team to service their market research needs in a timely and efficient manner
  • perform and conduct research in an ethical and professional manner
  • provide quality market research reports that accurately portrays the landscape and identify opportunities
  • market and educate companies about the importance of utilizing professional, independent market research firms such as TDA

Our Leadership Team

Glenn Cudiamat (President & CEO)
Glenn has over 20 years of market research experience in the analytical and life science instrumentation industry. Prior to his current role as General Manager, Glenn served as VP of Research Services at Strategic Directions International, Inc. During his tenure at SDi, he provided management consulting and published over a hundred strategic market research reports on every aspect of the scientific instrumentation and equipment industry. Glenn’s consulting client list spans almost every major life science and analytical instrumentation manufacturer. Having been the primary curator of information at SDi for nearly two decades, Glenn’s expertise of the industry is unmatched.

Arkady Hagopian (Director of Research)
Arkady’s management consulting experience for the analytical instrumentation, life science tools, and laboratory equipment industries spans over 15 years. During his 10 years at Strategic Directions International, Inc., Arkady played a pivotal role in both research and consulting operations of the company. After his term at SDi, Arkady founded Market Nerds, LLC., a market research and data analytics consulting firm, where he published numerous market research reports, managed large survey projects, and analyzed complex datasets. Arkady is widely regarded as an expert voice in the genomic analysis, scientific equipment, and laboratory furniture markets.

Alexa Bontrager, PhD (EIC)
Alexa is well versed in the analytical and life science instrumentation industry, including an array of scientific technologies, critical laboratory applications, and the competitive landscape. With a PhD from the Division of Biology, Section of Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution at the University of California, San Diego, she has spent many years conducting laboratory research in genetics and cell biology. Furthermore, she has worked as an academic-manuscript editor and recently served as assistant editor of Instrument Business Outlook (a publication of SDi), interviewing corporate executives about market conditions, important scientific trends, and developments.

Katherine Eriksson, PhD (Analytics Consultant/Economic Advisor)
Katherine is a professor of Economics at University of California, Davis, specializing in applied microeconomics with a focus on economic history, labor economics, developmental economics, and econometrics. Her research has been published in the Journal of Political Economy, the American Economic Review and the Journal of Development Economics. She is a member of the American Economic Association, the Cliometric Society, and the Economic History Association. Dr. Eriksson serves an advisory role with Top-Down Analytics for economic forecasting and data analytics.​

Our Partners