Process Analytical Instruments (PAI) + PAI/2022

The PAI report is a product of a collaboration between TDA and PAI Partners. Principals of TDA developed all estimates of market size and growth, market share and related market data. The PAI/2022 report adheres to the product and market definitions established in the previous editions while also exploring new topical issues such as the expanding niches for laser-based optical spectroscopy and growing service opportunities in the industry.

Our continuing goal is to illustrate and quantify this market opportunity. In addition, TDA offer consulting services to clients with specific requirements on a private basis. Top-down, strategic services include acquisition and divestiture support (i.e., due diligence), diversification measures and opportunity analyses, and strategy development.

​PAI/2022 provides worldwide product forecasts for 2020-2026 (by year). These product forecasts are also shown by major end-use market segment and by geographic region. The report identifies the leading suppliers in each of the product market categories.

As with previous editions, this report is backed by an extensive research effort incorporating multiple personal contacts with instrument manufacturers, systems integrators and end-users as well as other participants in this marketplace. Included with your purchase is online access to TDA’s Instrument Industry Dashboards (Process Instruments Only). 

Information in this dashboard is updated quarterly, including benchmark data from key performance indicators for the industry.  In addition, subscribers can download TDA’s Instrument Industry Outlook (published annually in January), as well as the midyear update (published annually in July). Online access to TDA’s Industry Dashboards (Process Instruments) is only available to purchasers of the PAI report series.

TDA’s Industry Data Dashboard is the standard resource for the leading companies of the analytical and life science industry. Executives, leaders and product managers of the industry rely on TDA’s data, which leverages 20 years experience tracking technological advances and market trends.​