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Glenn Cudiamat, President & CEO, TDA

As a truly global news resource, Instrument News brings unrivaled investigative journalism and up-to-the-minute reporting on the latest trends and developments in the industry, as well as a unique insight into competitor activity and financial analysis.

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Success comes from obtaining knowledge and taking action. Instrument News is read by the leading executives of the industry to maintain that competitive edge and achieve success. To help better position their company in the industry, corporate development personnel find IN extremely useful to keep up-to-date with trends, business deals and knowing what competitors are doing. If you are serious about expansion, making an impact in this market and driving success for your company (and yourself), start your subscription to IN.

The flexible annual subscription rates offers excellent value. Instrument News is published monthly (12 PDF issues) delivered directly to your inbox. Your subscription includes a unique web log-in to access further stories, regular news updates featured on the IN website, as well as the annual Leaderboard survey, listing 450+ companies by their revenues (relevant to the instrument industry) during the last calendar year.

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  • Single user – £725, $1195, €875 and ¥120,500 – for one single reader – no circulation or reproduction permitted
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  • Corporate – circulation covering an agreed number of geographical sites – rates to be negotiated depending on estimated number of sites, readers and corporate size
  • Global corporate – allowing full flexibility of circulation throughout the corporation, and posting on internal intranet – rates to be negotiated

The majority of leading players in the industry now benefit from our corporate subscription worldwide and advertisers are also approaching us regularly for exclusive positioning.

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