Opportunity Analysis

In developing market size and growth estimates, TDA leveraged its knowledge of the lab instrumentation market.  The top-down approach involves defining the global market for lab instrumentation and applying various ratios and filters that continually reduces the figure to an estimation of the net market. TDA validates data primarily through interviewing suppliers and other experts in the field, analyzing financial data, and pouring over publicly available information.

TDA also performs bottom-up analysis by identifying the customer segments for analytical instrumentation.  While there may be many areas for error due to the nature of our assumptions made during the research of this report, we believe the triangulation of data from varied resources increases our level of confidence, and that the estimates are an accurate representation of the market opportunity.

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Voice of Customer (VOC)/End-User Surveys

Quantitative internet surveys is generally used to test a hypothesis that would lead to a recommended course of action. Leveraging our experience in the industry, TDA can craft an effective survey, analyze the results and extract relevant trends.

  • Product Development
  • Market Positioning
  • Brand Equity
  • Loyalty
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Purchase Behaviors
  • Adaptive Choice-based Conjoint
  • Product Pricing/Price Elasticity
  • Marketing Effectiveness

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