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The 2020 Laboratory Enclosures & Furniture, 2018-2024

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Published January 2020

Laboratory enclosures and furniture are the backbone of any laboratory. They provide comfort, efficiency, and, most importantly, safety. Regardless of research or laboratory size, the proper furniture and the appropriate enclosures will add a blanket of safety to a setting to ensure that laboratories across the globe meet regulatory standards, thereby protecting users, the environment, and the sample.

Sample protection is now more important than ever. Clean, uncontaminated samples translate into more efficient research, with the ultimate goal of bringing the latest and the greatest to consumers, whether a lifesaving medicine to cancer patients or a new trend in electronic gadgets. Quality control standards are also becoming more rigid and selecting the proper equipment to protect samples and create the ideal research environment is crucial.

User protection is also a critical consideration of any laboratory. A wide range of potential biological and chemical scares is on the rise. Having the right equipment to ensure that laboratory personnel are protected is not a preference; it is an absolute requirement. Biological safety cabinets provide protection from biological threats, while fume hoods filter out dangerous chemical fumes.

Lastly, over the last decade and a half, the emphasis on environmental protection has been increasing. New laws have been enacted, regulatory standards have been elevated, and personal awareness of a cleaner environment has provided equipment manufacturers with a challenge—a challenge that they have been able to largely meet.

In partnership with SEFA (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association), Top-Down Analytics (TDA) published the 2020 Laboratory Enclosures and Furniture Market Report.    This new report looks at forecasts for the global market for lab enclosures and furniture, which includes lab furniture, fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, and laminar flow benches.  The new 2020 report provides insight into market performance and expectations both for products, market opportunities and growth.  The report is bolstered by data from the 2019 survey carried out in partnership with SEFA and 80 lab furniture and enclosure product manufacturers.

The 2020 Laboratory Enclosures & Furniture

  1. Overall Lab Enclosures & Furniture Market
  2. Laboratory Furniture
  3. Laminar Flow and Biological Safety Cabinets
  4. Fume Hoods
  5. Laboratory Enclosures and Furniture Market Survey

The Overall Lab Enclosures & Furniture Market section combines all of the product categories covered in this report and presents the data as a whole. The totals are presented by product type, followed by the overall regional and individual regions, and industry/sector demand.

Each of the product parts that follows (lab furniture, laminar flow and biological safety cabinets, and fume hoods) begins with an overview, followed by a quick snapshot of the market, and then a dive into detailed product, region, and industry/sector demand.

The last section of the survey is dedicated to our 2019 laboratory equipment market survey, the results of which are presented in aggregate. No confidential or company identifying information is presented.